Reviews about Bentolit

  • Evie
    As I grew older, I gained weight. I have been with them for a long time. Then once-in just a month, I gave up! Thanks to those who proposed Bentolit. Appetite decreased significantly and abdominal discomfort. This is the first treatment to reduce the actual weight by 13 kg! At first, the weight dropped very slowly, and then nearly 1 kg per day.
  • Olivia
    To be honest, for a loved one, I lost weight. He is young and slender, and I have lived a full life. I easily lost more than 10 kilograms with Bentolit and signed up for the gym. Bentolit is an amazing product. If I don't participate in sports or eat a lot during the holidays, sometimes I still drink.
  • Sophie
    Great product. I found clay on the Internet. I have used clay inside and outside for a long time, and finally I found clay of the required quality. Odorless, mildew, lumps, etc. Excellent adsorbent"
  • Amelia
    I only took one course-I drank Bentolite clay for a month. The allergies disappeared, the morning headaches disappeared, and the skin rejuvenated. Quit smoking easily (no addiction). Clay is no worse than the medicine that we blast in a few cases, but it is natural. Try, don't be afraid, be healthy!
  • Chloe
    I have been using Bentolit for a long time with a short break. The hair and nails became stronger, the skin was cleaner, but most importantly, all the pain in the knee joint disappeared. Clean the intestines. There is always a lot of strength and vitality. So I am definitely clay.
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