Diet by blood type

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common for D’Adamo to claim that a person’s blood type is closely related to their diet. Based on this, they have created a proper diet that will help many people not only to normalize their condition, but also to lose a few pounds of weight gained at a time.

Red blood cells play a really important role in the body's work - they are responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to the organs, helping to fight various diseases and, of course, containing important genetic information about humans. However, there are rather ambiguous opinions from experts about the blood type diet.

Someone sees no connection, and some consider this technique to be one of the most effective. Let's figure it out.

The essence of nutrition

According to the founder of the program, for the normal functioning of the organization, only foods that are suitable for him should be consumed. If we exclude from the diet names that do not fit a certain blood type, one begins to lose weight, the intestines are cleansed of harmful deposits.

D'Adamo claims that people of the same blood type have the same characteristics:

  • Predisposition to certain diseases and illnesses.
  • Similar biological rhythms, sleep / rest schedules.
  • Consumption of certain categories of products.
  • General indicators of resistance to stressful situations.

There is an opinion that if weight loss is "bad", using inappropriate foods, it negatively affects the condition of the body, disorders occur in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is very important to know which food is right for you.

Diet for 1 blood type

Experts say it is considered the oldest. Today, 33% of the total population of the Earth has a group. They are characterized by a strong-willed character, determination and good willpower, which is why meat dominates their diet. For this category, experts recommend that you regularly take complexes that compensate for the lack of vitamin K, vitamin B, calcium, iodine and manganese.

The main feature of weight loss is slow metabolism. To overeat and begin to lose weight successfully, you need to remember the following rules:

  • Whole wheat and all products as well as legumes are completely excluded from the menu. They inhibit insulin production, slowing down the already slow metabolism.
  • Be sure to eat foods rich in iodine.
  • The diet is based on red meat and liver, which significantly speed up metabolic processes.
  • Radish and radish should be present in the diet. They help in the production of thyroid hormones.

Diet according to blood group 2

Blood type 2 owners - 38% of the population of our vast planet. To be healthy, they need to follow the rules of vegetarianism and take vitamins B, C, E. Such people are very sensitive to the gastric mucosa, so spicy, salty foods, high-acid fruits and other foods that can irritate the inside are prohibited. cavity.

If you want to lose a few pounds quickly, you can try an apple fast and a similar diet. In this case, due to digestive difficulties, the consumption of meat products should be minimized.

Diet according to blood group 3

Only 20% of those in the third blood type have. They have an advanced nervous and immune system. For full body function and rapid weight loss, it is advisable for this category to mix foods and complexes containing magnesium, lecithin. In addition, you should approach your diet carefully as these are most prone to being overweight.

Diet according to blood group 4

This is the rarest category of people - only 8% in the world. Its representatives are believed to have a weak immune system and a fairly sensitive gastrointestinal tract. For them, a moderately mixed meal is ideal. In order to maintain the normal state of the body, it is recommended to reduce or eliminate the use of harmful products as much as possible.

Diet for blood groups 1, 2, 3 and 4: positive and negative Rh factor

diet food by blood type photo 1

If the blood type correlates with the names used, is there a correlation with Rh factor? According to the doctor, this parameter has no effect on the selection of products and the preparation of a special, individual diet.


diet food by blood type photo 2

If you follow all the rules correctly and eat only the right foods that are specifically for your blood type, you will notice that there are several benefits to this diet system:

  • Excellent cosmetic effect - improves the condition of the skin, gives the hair a healthy shine, eliminates sagging, strengthens the nail plate.
  • Slowing down the aging process, improving the regenerative properties of the body.
  • Normalizing and accelerating the metabolism - activating the process of burning fat under the skin.
  • Strengthening the immune system. The body tolerates all external negative effects. Viruses and bacteria have a much harder time breaking through the immune system.
  • Increased vitality - efficiency, always a good mood and "calm" nerves.
  • Diverse menu. The list of foods allowed for all blood groups is quite extensive. It is possible to prepare not only delicious but also varied dishes every day. This way, the diet is easily tolerated and can become a real lifestyle over time.


Of course, there are many positive aspects to this weight loss program, but there are also downsides to the system:

  • Efficacy has not been proven. Today, there are no serious scientific studies that have proven the effectiveness of this weight loss method with a 100% guarantee. The diet is controversial and it is not known how the body behaves in the meantime.
  • The need for prior consultation with your doctor. It is not recommended to choose and compile your own diet. It is important that you consult a professional and get the necessary recommendations.
  • Slow weight loss. It’s not a kefir diet, not even fasting days that give quick results almost the next day. This program assumes gradual weight loss without sudden jumps.
  • For serious results, you need to omit certain product names altogether. Ideally, a complete transition to a similar diet. Not everyone can give up their usual food right away.
  • General recommendations. The system does not include specific quantities, the best combinations of products, and the quantities that can be consumed.

If you are a believer in the theory put forward by D’Adamo, try to lose a few pounds. At the very least, an interesting experience and new flavor combinations are guaranteed with easy shaping.

Otherwise, we recommend that you visit our other sections and choose a diet or fasting day that suits your circumstances and the possible outcome.