Kefir diet (and its variants)

Kefir weight loss

There are virtually no analogues in terms of the effectiveness, availability, and safety of the kefir diet. It has long been known for its guaranteed performance, including among pop and movie stars who have quickly and easily taken shape with this seemingly mundane product.

The note!Today, whole slimming complexes have been developed, consisting of this beverage, various products and food additives. They are designed for different durations and individual preferences of users.

Why is the kefir diet valued?

He wants to be in good shape at any age, regardless of income and employment. Because of her predominance, many women and men become insecure, dislike the mirror in the mirror, have problems with physical activity and wardrobe selection.

Starting in search of a cheap and easy-to-follow diet, more and more people who dream of losing a few pounds are using kefir to lose weight. Its value has been proven by numerous scientific studies and the comprehensive opinions of the most recognized nutritionists.

Kefir is produced by special technology by fermentation. The result is an all-natural and most useful product with virtually no restrictions or official contraindications. It contains many valuable vitamins and minerals.

The main thing -choose wellduration and composition of the diet. In addition, special attention should be paid to the choice of the manufacturer, the shelf life and the fat content of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of a kefir diet


  • the low calorie content of the product. Depending on the fat content of the kefir and the technology of its production, 100 gr. the finished drink contains 30 to 70 kcal;
  • normalization of digestion. The kefir diet improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract and all excretory organs;
  • lack of hunger. Of course, when using a mono-diet, it is sometimes difficult to adhere to the necessary restrictions. But in principle, it can take a few days to achieve the desired result;
  • removal of harmful toxins, salts, toxins and excess fluid from the body;
  • improving metabolism. Long-term intake of kefir normalizes the intestinal microflora, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair;
  • saturating the body with valuable nutrients. Kefir produced without violating the technology contains easily digestible protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins belonging to groups A and B.


  • lack of diet. The kefir diet includes a limited number of foods. Therefore, people who are accustomed to a varied menu will find it difficult to adhere to for a long time;
  • that you only have to buy fresh drink all the time. The biggest benefit comes from kefir, which is up to 3 days from the date of manufacture. Unfortunately, today, the seller is primarily a beverage with various additives, which is stored for at least 1 month;
  • decreased physical and mental activity. Many users who follow the kefir diet for a particularly long time note that there is a slight loss of strength and intelligence. Some may experience headaches and even heartburn;
  • the complexity of storage and transport. Not all users have a refrigerator in their workplace in which kefir can be kept during the day under the conditions required by technology. In addition, the product is sometimes sold in soft containers. Once opened, there may be problems transporting the beverage. Although in principle it can simply be poured into another sealed container.


The kefir diet is not recommended for people with kidney and pancreatic disease, cholecystitis and peptic ulcer disease.Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not observed for a long time. For them, it can be the maximum rateup to 3 days. . . Like all mono-diets, this complex is not recommended for adolescents and the elderly.

How to choose the right kefir for your diet

There are many manufacturing companies in the dairy market today. Unfortunately, not all of them are conscientious in selecting the raw materials needed to make kefir, adhering to accepted standards and regulations. But the quality of this essential drink will determine the effectiveness of the diet, the health and general well-being of the user.

The note!According to the current GOST, kefir must contain 0, 5-7% fat, 2. 6 g. protein, a certain amount of valuable trace elements and vitamins.

In order to provide the necessary materials and minerals for the composition of the product, a special enzyme consisting of useful "mushrooms" is used in its production. Special bifidobacteria and special acidophilic rods are used to make the drink marketed with the prefix "bio".

Exactly like thisthe type of kefir is advised by nutritionists to drink throughout the course. It has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. The ingredients and useful microelements in it have increased vitality.

The importancewhen selecting a beverage, the storage time must be specified. Too long periods indicate that the manufacturer is using special additives that negatively affect the quality of the product, especially when open. Optimally, the shelf life of kefir is 7-10 days. In addition, you should try to buy the latest and same brand possible.

Basic rules of the kefir diet

Experts suggest preparing in advance for future restrictions. A few days before the start of the course, you should reduce the amount of high-calorie foods in your diet, completely excluding alcohol and fried foods. Thus, in the first stage, complications such as nausea, headache and weakness are avoided. In addition, there are a number of basic rules to follow when dieting:

  • fragmentary food intake. Nutritionists recommend that you divide the total amount of product 5-6 times;
  • drink at least 1, 5-2 liters of clean water per day;
  • Do not eat after 19: 00. You can only take kefir at night;
  • if the diet is planned for 7 or more days, you should use an enema periodically throughout the course to cleanse toxins or take laxatives;
  • as much as possible, you can perform normal physical exercises. Yoga, respiratory complexes, and regular body massage are especially positive for the course of the diet and its effectiveness;
  • important during the coursecompletely exclude salt, sugar, baked goods, alcohol and fatty foods;
  • the menu should be studied best in advance, selecting the optimal product set, taking into account personal preferences and individual intolerance of ingredients.

By following all the recommendations of the professionals and choosing only high quality products, you can easily lose weight during the course, improve your well-being and appearance. The number of kilograms given depends on the duration and composition of the diet, the initial parameters of the person and the individual characteristics of the body. It is important to start with a short time frame. This way, you can achieve the desired weight in several courses smoothly and without complications, constantly increasing their duration.

Duration and effectiveness of the kefir diet

The shortest course is 3 days. It is a mono-diet in which only 1, 5-2 kefir with a maximum fat content of 1% and mineral water are consumed. You can drink it all day, including in the evening and even before bed. The key is to take a break between taking the product for at least 2-3 hours. Subject to all of the above rulesYou can lose up to 5 kg in 3 days. . .

The weekly diet can be supplemented with a number of healthy and low-fat foods such as fresh cucumbers, various herbs and cottage cheese. They can be eaten separately or in the form of ready meals mixed with kefir.

If your diet is planned for a long time, it is best to supplement it.minerals and vitamins. . . Such a complex can be purchased today at any pharmacy.

Kefir diet for 10 days

Day: Menu:
one 0, 5 l. kefir up to 1% fat and 300-400 gr. boiled potatoes.
2 0, 5 l. kefir with a fat content not exceeding 1% and fresh fruit not exceeding 1 kg. (excluding bananas and grapes).
3 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 300 gr. dried fruits: dates, dried peaches, prunes, which can be picked separately or mixed in some proportions.
four 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 400 gr. cucumber, which can be supplemented with any green.
five 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 500 gr. chicken fillets (cooked or fried).
6. 0, 5 l. kefir with a fat content not exceeding 1% and fresh fruit not exceeding 1 kg. (excluding bananas and grapes).
7 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 400 gr. low fat cottage cheese.
eight 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 400 gr. cucumber, which can be supplemented with any green.
nine 0, 5 l. kefir to 1% fat and 500 gr. chicken fillets (cooked or fried).
10. 1 l. kefir up to 1% fat and 1, 5 l. non-carbonated mineral water.

Kefir with cinnamon

It is not easy for everyone to consume the same food every day without spices and additives. You can diversify your diet with cinnamon, which is a delicious and healthy spice. Its use not only allows for the diversification of tastes. Cinnamon is known as an excellent fat burner, activating the liver, relieving hunger and improving the overall mood of the body.

Kefir with buckwheat

The combination of these products is perfect for a long course (10-14 days). Buckwheat provides fast saturation and excellent nutritional properties. Adhering to such a diet, you have virtually no hunger. However, fat burning is fast and weight loss is guaranteed (up to 10 kg per course).

It is best not to cook buckwheat but to steam it with boiling water overnight. It is recommended to consume 1 liter of kefir a day, supplemented with 1 glass of steamed cereal. The total quantity of products should be divided into 5-6 bets. Meanwhile, you can drink clear water or green tea without sugar.

Attention!Buckwheat and kefir cannot be combined in a single meal. Otherwise, it may interfere with the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Best consumed within 1 hour.

Kefir with apples

The most effective combination of slimming products. Sitting on such a diet is useful and comfortable. The combination of kefir and apple allows you to lose the maximum amount of kilograms in a short time. In addition, this complex has an excellent effect on restoring beautiful skin color and tone. The body is excreted faster from harmful toxins and toxins.

Kefir with flax seeds

The complex effect on the body of two such versatile products ensures rapid weight loss. In addition, the immune system is strengthened, the work of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems is improved, deposits in the gastrointestinal tract are eliminated, and as a result, the vitality of the body is increased.

You should take a mixture of crushed flaxseed and low-fat kefir. A spoonful of powder goes to 1 glass of drink. The resulting mixture also has a laxative effect, but only freshly prepared. The combination of flaxseed and kefir lowers blood sugar levels and is therefore recommended for diabetics.

Kefir with beets

It has a pronounced cleansing effect. It can be used in the first days of the diet to detoxify the body. In addition, the natural sugars found in beets allow you to maintain efficiency and mental alertness throughout the day.

Take the root vegetables and kefir in the form of cold beets or separately after a while. Nutritionists recommend that the beets be fried and not boiled in order to keep the maximum amount of valuable minerals and nutrients in the vegetables.

Kefir with cucumber

This combination is characterized by minimal calories and easy digestibility. This combination is very effective for fast weight loss. Cucumbers can be eaten alone, but without salt, oil and spices. The vegetables can be grated and mixed with kefir, adding chopped parsley, dill and garlic to the finished dish in the desired proportions. This recipe can be used regularly as a day of fasting, especially in summer.

Kefir with prunes

Dried fruits make it easier to cope with hunger, while at the same time saturating the body with valuable minerals, useful trace elements and vitamins. It is recommended to consume up to 300-400 grams per day. prunes, which must be chewed thoroughly for a few minutes or chopped in advance with a knife or blender.

Kefir with bran

All senior nutritionists are advised to use this mixture at the very beginning of the course for 3 days. During this time, the body successfully cleanses itself of various toxins and toxins. The diet goes smoothly and painlessly. About 1 hour before direct intake, it is recommended to add bran to the kefir in advance (1 tablespoon L. 1 glass of drink).

Quitting the kefir diet

After completing the course, regardless of its duration and content, it is important that you adhere to certain restrictions for a period of time. After the diet, the body became accustomed to the restrictions. He received a small portion of food. Therefore, a sudden increase in diet can negatively affect overall well-being and health.

In the first week after finishing the kefir diet, experts advise not to consume baked goods and alcohol, canned food and snacks, and to limit your consumption of meat and fatty foods. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables and dairy products. Consolidate the results achieved to prevent weight gainit is recommended to organize a day of fasting per week, during which you can drink only a low-fat kefir and mineral water.

Opinions and results

  • The competition required weight reduction to get into a smaller weight category. Protein is important to me, and kefir and meat fully provide it, but I increased the amount of meat. It took me 10 days without any problems. I reached the required weight.
  • I’ve heard about the kefir diet for a long time. I liked that there are a lot of options with what you can still combine. I lost 8 kg. I especially liked flax, prunes and bran. So if you’re afraid of hunger, kefir and flax help a lot.
  • Super! ! ! Helped a lot ! ! It was needed quickly. 5 kg for 3 days.
  • A friend of mine gave me advice on how to lose weight fast. Previously, I only drank yogurts and kefir with additives. It was a little heavy - the kefir seemed soft and tasteless. The weight decreased from 66 to 61 kg in 3 days.
  • I weighed 96 kg, height 172 cm, and then suddenly it turned out that my sugar had increased and the doctor said I needed to lose weight urgently. My wife offered me kefir. I’ve seen that you can add all sorts of additives to kefir and consume meat in your diet - that suited me. In 10 days, the weight was reduced to 86 kg.
  • That one percent kefir is a rare muff! ! ! impossible to drink. I switched to 2. 5% - there isn’t that much difference in calories. Minus 6 kg.
  • For the wedding, my daughter wanted to look good so there would be no strong contrast in the photos next to her. Kefir found a diet on the internet and started with dried fruits from day 3. I lost 5 kg and my daughter 3 kg. She was already thin and that was enough for her. And I decided to continue. After another week, I sat on kefir and beets for seven days and lost another 6kg. The swelling in the legs and under the eyes disappeared. Even the wrinkles smoothed out. There was glitter in his eyes. I sit on another track and the dream comes true!
  • This simple diet was suggested to me by my colleague in early winter. The whole team noticed how nicer and thinner it was for the new year. She lost weight in a few weeks. I decided to try the kefir diet as well. At first I sat there for three days. It was hard to just drink kefir and water. But it took 4 kg in three days. A week later, I chose the diet of kefir and buckwheat. It was much easier to observe. Needless to say, the result. After sitting on a diet for 10 days, I lost an additional 8 kg. Great result. . . I am very happy!
  • Thanks to those who developed the kefir diet. It helped me get back in shape after gaining weight. I have to say specifically that I liked the combined version because I don’t really like the greens. I prefer protein. As a result, I mixed the kefir with cottage cheese, chicken fillet and boiled potatoes every other day. I refused the fruit. Sometimes he added bran to the kefir. The effect is amazing. I lost 11 kg in 10 days. And what a complexion! Your nails and hair are perfectly fine. I am glad!
  • I work as a fitness trainer. She breastfed for six months after the baby was born and gained 9 extra pounds. I decided to get in shape before I got to work, using a diet of cucumbers and herbal kefir. Sometimes I also drank green tea with honey and lots of mineral water. After spending two weeks on a diet, I lost 7 pounds without a hitch. I didn’t even starve and body. This is my first experience and it is so amazing right away! I advised my mother and friend on the same diet.
  • I decided to lose weight at all costs because I was tired of seeing my "wide bone" in the mirror. I read positive reviews about this type of diet and immediately started losing weight. As a result, after a week, I could feel all the charms of the aggravated stomach ulcer. Now a new diet, now medicated. Therefore, girls, first see if there are any contraindications. It may not work "by accident" here.
  • Not a bad diet option with a limited number of foods. It helped me lose a few extra pounds for the wedding. True, I usually used kefir day once a week in the form of a fasting day, so this dish didn’t become a blow to my health.
  • I tend to apply such eating options to dates as they help you lose extra pounds pretty quickly. I tried myself with cinnamon, buckwheat, apples. The largest aqueduct was buckwheat - about 4 kg per week. But for long-term treatment, this is not appropriate - hair, nails and general well-being start to suffer immediately (only in moments there is not enough strength).
  • I tried a diet of kefir and buckwheat and in a week I got good and bad results. Speaking of good, I dropped 7kg during the dieting period (that’s about two weeks). A little more negative. First, diarrhea is what I encountered after 5 days. I thought it would pass, but it didn't. Maybe that’s why, or because of the unbalanced diet, the breakdown began. Getting up in the morning was just torture. So, if you need to lose weight by the date - diet will help, but at what price. . .
  • I used a kefir diet with buckwheat to lose weight. This option worked well for me. In general, I managed to lose 5 kg in the first week (I immediately dock that my weight is over 95 kg, so the landline is right) and then 2-4 kg. I use it in courses to avoid addiction and side effects. I think it is very good as weight loss. The only thing observed in a moment was a mild diarrhea.